World Union of Catholic Teachers

World Union of Catholic Teachers



WUCT dates back to 1908 when the Presidents of the Catholic teachers’ associations of Austria, the Netherlands, Switzerland and Germany launched the idea, at a meeting organised to deal with problems in education, of creating an international association of Catholic teachers. The project took shape in 1912 with the foundation of the Weltverband katolischer Pëdagogen (World Association of Catholic Teachers). Its work was interrupted by the two world wars, but began again in 1951 with the foundation, in Rome, by the leaders of national associations of 17 countries, of the World Union of Catholic Teachers. Recognised by the Holy See as an International Catholic Organisation, WUCT is a member of the Conference of ICOs. As an NGO, it has consultative status with the Council of Europe, Ecosoc, UNESCO and Unicef.

WUCT is at the service of the national Catholic teachers’ associations. It brings them together, coordinating their study and research work designed to bring the teachings of the Church into the world of education and the school; it fosters and supports the establishment of Catholic teachers’ associations throughout the world; it disseminates knowledge about initiatives and experiences with the religious, moral and vocational training of teachers, and in the field of the apostolate among teachers; it defends and advocates respect for the rights and the educational freedom of Catholic teachers. Its priorities are to create an educational system which involves parents, teachers and students, in order to give everyone proper responsibility within the educational community; to draft a "Teachers’ Charter" for every country, setting out the legal, social and service conditions of teachers, their rights and duties, their cultural and teaching autonomy, and the level of training required to exercise the profession.

WUCT is governed by the General Assembly, made up of the delegates of the member associations, which meets every four years; the Council, which is elected by the General Assembly and comprises the President, the Secretary General, the Treasurer, the Ecclesiastical Assistant and seven members representing WUCT worldwide, which meets once a year; the Executive Committee, made up of the President, the Secretary General and the Treasurer, which meets twice a year, and is responsible for ensuring that the decisions of the General Assembly are implemented. Membership of WUCT is open to full members, which are national or regional organisations of Catholic teachers; corresponding members, who are teachers working to create new teachers’ associations, and honorary members.

WUCT has a membership of 26 associations and is present in 28 countries as follows: Asia (4), Europe (18), North America (1), and South America (3).

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World Union of Catholic Teachers
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